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The Reference Values for Nutrient Intake

The Reference Values for Nutrient Intake are the basis on which diets are planned to match nutritional requirements for food intake. In addition, they form the basis for food rules and regulations for the food industry and food monitoring. The majority of the revised reference values (e.g. energy) is published open access.

Evidence-based guidelines on the impact of macronutrients on health-related outcomes

The DGE publishes evidence-based guidelines that analyse the link between macronutrients and selected health-related outcomes in the general adult population. The guidelines are based on systematic literature searches. During the process, the results of systematic literature searches are critically reviewed and the overall certainty of evidence is evaluated according to predefined criteria. At the end the practical consequences for current dietary recommendations are described.


Food-Based Dietary Guidelines in Germany

Food-based dietary guidelines are an important instrument to support a health-promoting diet. In Germany the official food-based dietary guidelines are developed by the DGE. For the first time they are summarized in one brochure. Based on background information about the development of dietary guidelines, the 10 guidelines of the DGE for a wholesome diet the DGE Nutrition Circle and the Three-Dimensional DGE Food Pyramid are elucidated. The brochure is intended for nutrition experts and multipliers and provides suggestions for using the DGE Nutrition Circle, the Three-Dimensional DGE Food Pyramid and the 10 guidelines of the DGE in one’s work.

The DGE Consultation Standards

The German Nutrition Society publishes the DGE-standards for nutritional education, to avoid confusion and to standardize statements in the field of nutrition.

Nutrition Journals

Ernährungs Umschau This scientific journal is the organ of the German Nutrition Society. Published monthly, it offers a source of various information and results derived from scientific studies for nutritional experts.

Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism The monthly journal is the English-language organ of the DGE. All DGE members can read the online edition for free.

Various Media and Press Releases

Leaflets, booklets, books, electronic media for nutritional experts and consumers are available. The science based newsletter “DGEwissen” informs those active in nutrition counselling. The press releases offer well-founded news and background information to journalists.

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