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Metabolic Phenotypes in Nutrition Research

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DietBB-Seminar Series Bonn

We would like to draw your attention to the DietBB seminar on February 22, 2021 with Prof. Dr. Jakob Linseisen from the University Center for Health Sciences at the Clinical Center Augsburg - UNIKA-T, Department of Epidemiology of the LMU Munich at UNIKA-T, Germany.


Observational studies aiming at identification of dietary factors in disease etiology often provide conflicting results. Attempts to integrate genetic and metabolic variability in dietary studies are still underdeveloped. Consequently, the suggestion to study diet-disease associations in metabolically homogenous groups may offer new possibilities. If associations prove to depend on such metabolic features, dietary recommendations could differ by metabotypes, and may lead to more effective dietary prevention. Further, integration of information on the gut microbiome composition and activity is a timely step towards personalized dietary prevention, which could also increase adherence to specific dietary recommendations. Using data of the KORA cohort study, we developed such a concept of metabolic phenotyping, and studied the association between diet and diabetes risk. Habitual dietary intake was assessed by repeated 24-hours food lists and a food frequency questionnaire. The results are promising but further research is warranted.

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