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nutritional recommendation of the DGE

The German Three-Dimensional Food Pyramid

This food guide pyramid represents the German dietary guidelines.

The Three-Dimensional Food Pyramid complements the DGE Nutrition Circle. The special feature of the Three-Dimensional DGE Food Pyramid is the combination of quantitative statements and qualitative statements in a single model.

The DGE Nutrition Circle is the basis of the Three-Dimensional Food Pyramid. It is printed on the bottom surface of the pyramid and graphically illustrates the relative quantities of the different food groups which are required for a wholesome diet. The 4 lateral faces of the pyramid expand the quantitative recommendations on the bottom surface of the pyramid by recommendations regarding the choice within the food groups. The 7 food groups of the DGE Nutrition Circle are classified into 4 product groups: Plant based foods, animal-based foods, oil and fat, and drinks.